Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laser Liposuction Vs Ultrasonic Liposuction

If you have ever considered liposuction as an option to sculpt a part of your body you weren't happy with, then you've probably run across the many cosmetic options that are available out there. Laser liposuction (also sometimes referred to as a "smart laser" procedure) and ultrasonic liposuction are two of the most popular procedures around, and are often compared to one another when a patient is trying to decide what is right for them.

The laser form of these procedures is done with a laser that "super heats" the fat cells in a specific part of the body causing them to rupture and split, and then the body can flush them naturally. Normally only a local anesthetic is needed, numbing the area of treatment without having to put the patient under for even a short amount of time.

Laser Surgery

This is similar to ultrasonic, but instead of a laser this operation uses an injection of gel along with ultrasonic sound that combine to rupture and flush out the fat cells. Both use only a general anesthetic, and when done properly both of these procedures tend to have a very fast recovery time.

Both of these methods are sometimes called non surgical liposuction because neither one requires full anesthesia and both methods are designed to cause as little damage and discomfort as possible. While both have the same desired end results, these are still two very different types of operations and should be treated as such.

In many ways, there are more similarities between laser liposuction and ultrasonic liposuction than there are differences. That said, if you are considering a fat removal cosmetic procedure of some kind, then it's best to consult a local plastic surgeon or expert to figure out what the best option is in your specific case.

Laser Liposuction Vs Ultrasonic Liposuction

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

How to Buy a Home Laser Hair Removal Machine

No matter where you go to buy your home laser removal machine, just make sure that you understand that a laser is a dangerous instrument when it is in the wrong hands, and so whether you are looking for this machine to use just on yourself or on other people, you are going to want to make sure that you are well trained and understand how to use the machine before trying it.

There are actually quite a few different types of laser hair removal machines that you have to choose from. There are the diode laser machines, which are manufactured with semiconductors or minute diodes that are placed together in order to create light. One of the most major profit of these machines is that they use a moderately longer wavelength as compared to the others. This helps for better reduction of hair and ensures that it does not regrow.

Laser Surgery

There are also the the light-based pieces of laser hair removal equipment, which are also available on the market today and which work using intense pulsed light equipments that function very similar to lasers. These are the lesser popular machines but still work effectively nonetheless.The light-based laser hair removal equipment work using the large range of beam enabling the procedure to efficiently work on a variety of different hair and skin colors, as well as on the depth of the hair.

It is important that you take the time to determine which equipment is going to be right for you and your business, and once you have done this you can start working on finding a great deal.

Where to find the Best Home Laser Hair Removal Machine?

If you want to buy laser hair removal machine, the following companies will be well worth you taking the time to check out.

Medic America

The Medic America Company is a great option if you want to get a laser hair removal machine. You can browse through their entire catalog online, if this is more convenient for you, and their prices are actually affordable, which is hard to find when you are shopping for something as large and costly as a machine.

At this company, they attempt to delight their customers by anticipating their needs ahead of time, and always providing them with the powerful integrated technology that they are looking for. Most people are looking for professional purposes, because they own or work at a clinic that offers the laser hair removal procedure.

Because of this, they offer some great discounts to businesses who buy from them, and you will want to contact them for more details on this.

Dermal Laser

Another company that you can go through for a laser hair removal machine is Dermal Laser. They offer laser hair removal machines that are high quality enough to go in any business, and which are affordable enough that you will not have to spend a small fortune just to get one.

They have been providing equipment for two decades now and so they certainly have the knowledge and experience that you should be looking for in a company like this.

How to Buy a Home Laser Hair Removal Machine

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Cellulite Laser Removal - Does it Work?

Laser therapy is the newest technology to attack the unsightly look of orange peel skin. This condition can be found in over 80% of women over the age of 20, and with many of them looking for a quick fix. Cellulite laser removal is one of them. But does this method really work? Let's take a look at it's effectiveness.

The Method
While there are several types of laser treatments, they all typically share the same principle. This involves the use of low current lasers to break fat down in the areas it is applied. The heat from the lasers melt the fat cells where it is then sucked through the skin or allowed to flush naturally through the blood stream. The treated area is then cooled to reduce the swelling and/or massaged to increase skin circulation.

Laser Surgery

The Pros
This method can be an attractive option for many people. In contrast to surgery, it is a non-invasive and painless procedure with very low recovery. Cellulite laser removal is also said to remove wrinkles and diminish blemishes. Applying on the right heat and pressure to the affected area increases blood flow, dissolves fat and removes toxic waste. The end result is younger and more radiant looking skin.

The Cons
Laser treatment, in any form is a rather costly procedure. Typically, 10-15 treatments are required in order to achieve the desired outcome. Individual results will also vary depending on factors such as diet, exercise, number of treatments and the severity of the problem. The total cost can range from 00 to 00 respectively. Furthermore, because this is an area that is not yet fully developed, any possible long term side effects and complications have not yet been thoroughly investigated.

How Effective Is It?
It should be understood that the use of lasers will not remove cellulite from the body. This is not possible as there is no cure for the condition. What it does is break down the cellulite into small fat content so that it can mix in with the blood stream. This is so that it can efficiently be used in conjunction with other methods such as exercise to rid of it easily. It should also be noted that the results, of course, are not permanent. Therefor, treatment must be repeated periodically.

The bottom line is that yes, cellulite laser removal can be effective. But only to a certain extent. Truth be told, there are many natural anti cellulite procedures that work just as well, in that they also break down fats, promote circulation and eliminate toxins. The only difference? They don't come with the hefty price tag!

Cellulite Laser Removal - Does it Work?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Rising Popularity of Laser Hair Removal

Societal images of what is desirable or beautiful have changed several times in history. What is popular today may not be considered beautiful in the next generation, just as what people considered beautiful a decade ago is now seriously out of fashion. However, knowledge of these ever changing aesthetic standards does not discourage people from doing all they can to improve their appearance.

Excessive facial and body hair is currently considered as unattractive on both women and men, so laser hair removal has become quite popular. In spite of the dangers involved with laser hair removal, people of all backgrounds are using it to remove unwanted hair on their face, arms, back, legs, chest, and anywhere else that you can think of. Information about laser hair removal are available all over the Internet and on certain magazines.

Laser Surgery

This beauty enhancing treatment is often offered at discount rates to entice people to try this treatment, but it is not without risks. One of the biggest risks of laser hair removal is the excessive use of lidocaine as an anesthetic. Laser hair removal can be an extremely painful procedure; therefore people often need pain-dulling cream to reduce the pain involved.

Many people are allergic to this cream, and even if they are not; they are still exposed to danger. Excessive use of lidocaine can lead to double vision, difficult breathing, and in worst cases, death. People who are not adequately informed of the possible dangers will not be able to decide to cancel their treatment due to potential life threatening dangers.

Nevertheless, despite of the potential dangers involved, laser hair removal also offers some advantages. One of the best things about this treatment is the convenience. If you are unhappy with your body hair, there is no other alternative besides waxing, which is very painful.

Shaving is also a solution, but this is not applicable to back hair problems that make many men feel insecure. A few sessions of laser hair removal will get rid of your hair problems once and for all. There will be no more need to shave, wax, or apply any cream again, and so in the long run this treatment can save you time and money.

The Rising Popularity of Laser Hair Removal

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LASIK - How Does This Laser Eye Surgery Work?

When interested and potential patients inquire about refractive eye surgery, they ask: How does laser eye surgery work? How does LASIK work? For LASIK has become synonymous with laser eye surgery.

Some facts about LASIK are needed before one can get to the answers of: how does laser eye surgery work?

Laser Surgery

LASIK stands for Laser In-situ Keratomileusis and FDA has approved this surgical technique since 1998. Eye surgeons normally prescribe this laser eye surgery procedure for persons who have nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and who have thick corneas.

The preliminary step begins with the eye surgeon administering tests to check your suitability for LASIK. If you have dry eye syndrome, diseases like glaucoma, cataract or diabetes, you will be strongly advised not to undergo the treatment. Reputable clinics report that at least 50% of those who come in for an initial consultation are rejected.

So how does LASIK? How does laser eye surgery work?

First phase of the operation

To begin, you are positioned on a reclined chair, and a numbing drop of solution placed in your eye. Afterwards the cornea is cleaned of floating foreign matter, and then instrument called a lid speculum is put over your eyes to keep the eyelids open. The ring is place right on the eyeball. Suction is then applied around your cornea. You'll experience blurring and dimming of your vision. Then the surgeon uses a microkeratome (surgical knife) to create a thin, circular flap in the cornea.

Second phase

Afterwards, the microkeratome and ring are removed. The doctor then asks you to stare at the light. This is to get your eye stay focused on a fixed object, so that the doctor can proceed to the final phase of the operation.

Third phase

The pre-programmed laser then cuts corneal tissue, thereby reshaping it. After the cornea has been reshaped, the flap is replaced back with a preventative shield is placed over your eyes to protect them from irritants.

The actual operation would have taken you less than a minute, with improved vision apparent in 24 hours.

Post operative care is as important as the operation itself. So don't drive for a few weeks. Don't do contact sports. Go for the post operative check ups the eye surgeon has scheduled with you.

Follow the do's and don'ts faithfully, so you'll be able to answer the question: How does a safe laser eye surgery work? With a bright smile and clear vision.

LASIK - How Does This Laser Eye Surgery Work?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Real Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Whenever one thinks about getting rid of unwanted body hair permanently, the cost of laser hair removal procedures comes to mind. Laser hair removal became available as a commercial procedure in the 1990's. Since then, the technology has developed in leaps and bounds, and with each new innovation in the types of lasers used for the method, the cost has also gone higher. However, being a permanent method of removing hair, laser treatment can be a very good solution for excess body hair if you are willing to pay the price.

Many people fear the cost of laser hair removal process, which is the reason they don't opt for it. What they do not realize is that it is a long-term and permanent solution to extra hair problems, rather than going for a regular monthly removal using other methods. When you add up the monthly cost of say waxing, for a period of 10 years, it will turn out to be more expensive than the one time cost of laser hair treatment.

Laser Surgery

Let's take the example of the other hair removal methods and their cost, comparing them to the cost of laser hair removal. Shaving is probably the cheapest method of hair removal, but not very effective as hair grows back within days and is also very time consuming. You get waxing kits that you can use by yourself at home, but then again, it involves pain and a lot of time as well. Professional waxing is available at salons, but they too are costly and need to be done regularly to keep hair from growing back. Comparing all these methods, which have to be performed continuously, are time consuming, and eventually end up costing more in the overall picture, the cost of laser removal begins to look cheap!

Nowadays, with the advent of newer, faster and smoother lasers for removing hair, the cost is spread over a wide range. For those who cannot afford the high end devices, there are cheaper-than-others laser removal treatments available. Another factor that determines overall cost of laser hair removal procedures is the type of body hair you possess. Some might require just one or two sessions of laser removal, while others might require more. So, the cost of laser hair removal varies according to the number of sessions needed. Some centers that offer these services give discounted rates if you pay for all sessions up front, though you also have the choice of paying for each individual session.

When it comes to excess or unwanted body hair, most people would agree that paying a certain price to get rid of the hair is well worth having a beautiful self and a good self-esteem. After all, hairless, soft and silky skin is something every woman craves for. Therefore, considering the high cost these methods is not completely out of the question. At the end of the day, the cost of laser hair removal is relatively cheaper when you compare it to other procedures in the long run.

Is it going to cost a small fortune to remove my hair by laser?

See what I discovered while researching my own laser hair treatment.

The Real Cost of Laser Hair Removal


Sunday, September 25, 2011

How laser hair removal machines

Laser hair removal has become so popular that is now second in the world most frequently performed cosmetic procedures, and became a bread and butter business for many dermatologists, plastic surgeons and laser hair removal system manufacturers since the first system of kind of FDA approval in 1995.

Laser hair removal destroys the ability of hair follicles hair growth target with pulses of extremely high speed. Due to the increasing demand forLaser hair removal procedures can be developed more and more hair removal laser machines for the market, but with no hair removal laser machine without first receivng the seal of approval by the FDA to be sold.
The first laser hair removal machine

Laser Surgery

The original machine laser hair removal, the Corporation Thermolase Soft Light Hair Removal System received FDA approval in 1995, but soon proved ineffective because it was on the market without extensive testing was carried. It 'wasadvertised as providing permanent hair removal painless, but eventually became the subject of a class action for the inaccuracy of their claims. The case was resolved by the court, but no longer produces Thermolase machines laser hair removal.

Next Generation Laser Hair Removal Machine
A current laser hair removal machine, which operates with the goal of a long pulse of laser light in skin tissue under the skin that keeps the hair follicle, is the Alexandrite laser. The heatdamage from laser hair follicles that are in the active phase of hair growth, to block the hair growth.

Laser diodes, laser hair removal machine [] of miniature semiconductor diodes or organized, designed to produce light. The construction means that the diode has a wavelength of laser energy light to create very effective in treating people with darker skins linesHair Removal.

Some dermatologists and plastic surgeons to the Q-switched Nd: YAG laser, because it can produce two light waves of different lengths. Strong influence on the deep penetration of the hair follicle, using infrared light, closer to the follicle on the skin surface, using the green light. It provides both the wavelength of light, the quick succession.

LuxuryPro laser hair removal machine is cheap, safe and versatile. Ruby laser using a short pulse of red lightThe purpose of the dark pigment in the hair follicle.

The most important factor for the success of laser hair removal treatment is the ability of the person, administration, and the variety of machines that he or she has for the treatment tailored to specific customer requirements.

How laser hair removal machines

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